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Cleaning the exterior of your prefabricated home is the simplest and best way to bring a fresh look to your property, especially when putting up prefab homes for sale. However, many prefab homeowners in the country fail to properly clean their property, which eventually makes their prefab homes look unattractive to neighbors and guests.

Yet note that prospective homebuyers will initially review the cleanliness of your property and if they are not satisfied with the exterior look of your property, then they may look for other prefab homes for sale. So, if you keep your prefab homes clean and attractive, your chances of acquiring a better deal when you are selling the house will significantly increase.

You will not have to seek the help of a cleaning service or buy expensive cleaning tools to do the job, if you had the time and patience to take care of it on your own. With a few household materials and basic cleaning tools, you can properly clean the exterior of your house with ease. Below are a few simple tips on how to wash the exterior of your prefab home.

Examine the Exterior

Before you start cleaning, thoroughly examine the exterior of your prefab home and check for areas that require a little bit of extra attention. The areas around the windows of your house will probably have streaks of dirt. In addition to that, the areas under the eaves may also need extra cleaning.

Remove All Obstacles

The first thing to do before cleaning the exterior of your house is to remove anything that is growing up or leaning against the walls of your home. In addition to that, you should also remove all the other obstacles in the exterior of your home before you start to clean.

Scrub the Worst Areas

Some of the areas or sections of the walls of your prefab house will contain dust and other undesirable particles. So, thoroughly scrub the dirty areas of the walls by using a long scrubbing brush. Now, scrub the other parts of your wall and make sure they look clean.

Start at the Top

Use a pressure spray and spray water from one side to other side of your house, working your way down at the walls. Make sure to pay extra attention to the areas that you have earlier scrubbed because it will make them look a lot more clean and attractive.

Work your Way Round

Now work your way around the exterior of your home and move to the steps, decks, and doors of your house. Giving a pressure wash to the decks, steps, and the front doors will make them look fresh and attractive.