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Conditions for Adding Second Story to a Prefab Home

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Adding Second Story

Prefab homes for sale include single story, two-story, as well as doublewide home styles. The general contractors would turn a single-story prefab into a two-story by taking off the upstairs roof and replacing it with a new story featuring in-built roof. However, you would keep the unit as the same in a two-story prefab than in a doublewide when you add a story.

The prefab building speed in a climate-controlled factory not only facilitates renovation but also necessitate the need for licensed contractors in prefab housing. Below are three conditions to be met in an extra story addition.

Meeting Structural Possibilities

A prefab addition tends to be three feet narrower than a module and adding a second story is a popular trend among colonial-style prefab homes with a porch. Meanwhile, it is said that the exterior size of the ground story should be compatible with the modular homebuilder’s demo plans. As a condition, contractors shall determine if the downstairs part of the home is capable of withstanding the additional story.

Coordinating Design Changes

The design of the additional story should match with the elevated story downstairs, and the windows should project or be kept as the same as before. The decisions with respect to design changes should be premeditated by the homebuyer and communicated to general contractors who remodel your home. In prefab housing, no one can live without the partition walls inside the home, so the placement of walls should permit partition in future.

Considering Plumbing Systems

Deciding where to place the staircase to the upstairs may prove to be an easy task, but an even tricky task for occupants would be the expansion of electrical wires and plumbing ducts to the added story. General contractors tend to use an HVAC chase from the basement to the second floor and place a bathroom upstairs in two-story prefab homes for sale. Further, if they are planning a forced-air HVAC system in the basement, the chase to upstairs shall be larger than usual to give space for air ducts.

Adding to these, the occupants may also want to hire dumpster service to clear the colonial roof they had in place originally and dispose of the old modules safely. Apparently, you get more impending selling price from the prefab homes for sale market when you add an extra story to your home.