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The job of the prefab home manufacturer ends after the home is set firmly on its foundation. Buttoning up is the process of carrying out all the crucial finishing tasks of the home after securing it on the foundation. In fact, it is the job of the general contractor and the homeowner to carry out the necessary buttoning up work in the home.

The importance of the process lies in the fact that there are many critical works to be done before the house is ready for living. Described below are some of the crucial buttoning up works to do in small prefab homes before moving in.

Attaching the Modules

The different modules must be attached together while it is secured atop the foundation of the home. Nowadays, it is relatively easy to carry out the attachment of the modules in small prefab homes, since each of them comes in built with the necessary plumbing, electrical wiring, and other utilities such as heating and cooling.

For properly connecting the different modules and its utilities, consult with your general contractor in hiring the necessary plumbers, electricians, and other technicians. This will make sure that the work is carried out in quickly and the utilities are all connected properly.

Fixing Shipping Damage

Shipping damages are common during the transport and delivery of small prefab homes. Small cracks and dents will occur in the dry wall, which needs to be covered up well by using grout and paint. In rare cases, some of the interior components such as cabinetry and flooring suffer from some minor damages during the transport and delivery, and you would need to repair them as well.

Consult with your general contractor for determining whether to fix the flaws on site or to ask the manufacturer for a replacement. Purchasing a replacement locally is the ideal option since it is less expensive and quicker.

Finishing Interiors

The major interior components of small prefab homes, such as sinks, showers, and dishwashers, come inbuilt into the modules. However, appliances such as refrigerators, dryers, etc., are unavailable along with the modules. Consult with your general contractor for purchasing and installing these appliances in the home.

The appliances are generally shipped by the manufacturer and make sure to review the inventory. This will enable you to understand if the manufacturer misses any of the items displayed on the receipt.

Basements and Porches

The basements and porches are the common unfinished areas in small prefab homes. The general contractor must complete these areas before you move into the home, since most of the manufacturers leave out such areas unfinished.