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Different Prefab Home Styles

Ever since its introduction in the housing industry, prefab homes have emerged as a clear alternative to conventional homes. Many manufacturers started producing prefab homes that incorporated many of the features that a traditional home lacks. The increasing favor of such homes is mainly attributed to such features like durability, energy efficiency, and customization possibilities. Moreover, another crucial factor that made it highly favored among the masses is its availability in different home styles.

Most modern prefab homes are now available in various housing styles just like a conventional home. Below are some of the popular modular home styles available to the buyer.


The ranch style home is common in several regions of the United States and is highly popular in the country. Ranch styled small prefab homes have minimalistic exterior features and are shorter when compared to other homes. The shape of this home style resembles an L-shape and is usually one storied.

Those living in areas having warmer climates mostly prefer the ranch styled home. One of the major advantages of a ranch style home is that it is highly cost-effective to build. Moreover, ranch style homes can easily accommodate any kind of additions like decks or a second story.


Modern style is the latest trend in the prefab housing industry and the most preferred by many. It lends a truly futuristic look and has many innovative features. They are built using steel frames, which means that such homes have far higher durability that enables it to withstand any extreme weather conditions. Another key advantage offered by modern style homes is that it offers higher customization options.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod style prefab homes are highly popular among the Northeastern regions of the US. It is specifically designed for colder climates and includes one or two stories. Cape Cod style consists of an exterior design that consists of a roof covered with shingles, shuttered windows, and the presence of dormers. Moreover, they also have additional storage spaces and floor due to their slanted roofing.


Chalet style prefab homes are designed specifically for regions where there are heavy snow and cold. It consists of high and pointed roofs that allow snow to drift down thereby preventing their buildup. The presence of large windows is another distinguishing feature of chalet style homes. Due to this, chalet homes allow sufficient natural light to enter inside thereby minimizing the dependence on artificial lighting during daytime.