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How to Have a Beautiful Exterior for your Prefab Home

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Living in a modular or mobile home is the latest trend that has grown immensely popular all over the world. If you are living in a prefab home, the tips that are shared below will help you have a beautiful exterior for your new home.

Build a Front Porch

Having a front porch will surely change the overall look of your prefab home. Some of the home styles, especially the colonial ones will look incomplete without a front porch. Adding a porch to your prefab will offer an inviting feel to the home, besides adding more living space to it.

Use Decorative Roofing

Some of the small changes in the exterior cost only a meager amount, but can add a lot to the aesthetic value of your prefab home. Attractive roofing is one such thing.

For site-built homes, you may need a specialty roofer to buy and install the expensive slate, tiles, or ceramic roofing, but most of the prefab housing manufacturers take advantage of their purchasing power to offer you great deals on the roofing materials.

Add Dormers to the Roof

Adding dormers is an inexpensive way to add character to your home. Dormers can be aesthetic, functional, or both. You may also add dormers on the roof without opening up into the house to change the look of the exterior.

Other times, the roof will be cut where the dormer is placed. This will surely offer lot of natural light and air to enter the house, besides adding to your home’s looks.

Use a Unique Front Door

It is obvious that the front door of a house will say a lot about the people living in the house. Adding a unique and decorative front door to your house can be an in expensive way to add beauty to your home.

A unique front door sets your prefab home apart from the other houses around you. However, you should not forget that the front door is mainly functional, not decorative.

Install Unique Windows

This is another inexpensive yet effective way to beautify your prefab home. Installing windows of different sizes and shapes can help to make the house look very interesting, although some of the prefab home styles will work well with symmetrical fronts.

The Paint

Do not underestimate how much a great paint job can add to the look and feel of your home. The color of your house and rooms can influence your mood. Coming home to see welcoming colors after long day of work can make a substantial difference.