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Preliminary Preps for Building the Master Bedroom in Small Prefab Homes

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Prefab Home Master Bedroom

Homeowners love the master bedroom in small prefab homes and give it the maximum attention when buying or constructing a home. In fact, you could convert any of the small bedrooms in your house into a master bedroom on your own and give your family a comfy sleep. Below preliminary preps would help you build a large master bedroom inside small prefab homes by way of conversion and home addition.

Get Addition Permits

If you have a general contractor working on the bedroom conversion, then they would pull out the permit for home addition on your behalf. However, if you are doing the addition on your own, walk into the local municipal office and grab a permit for the same, along with electrical and plumbing permits.

Measure and Plan

Use the modular home manufacturers’ schematic diagram to gauge the layout of old bedrooms, and build an inspired new bedroom. Additionally, determine whether you need fire stop walls in the bedroom and where would you want to place the egress window in the master bedroom.

Check Wall Stability

If you have retaining walls in the existing bedroom, you must consult with a professional before removing the load-bearing walls and replace them with a standard wall. Look in the attic or the basement to gauge the stability of retaining walls at your home.

Take Preparations

Empty the existing bedroom by taking out personal belongings as well as furniture and fittings from the room. After that, remove the wood trim around the ceiling, floor, chair rail, door jams, etc., to place the new bedroom wall with ease. Use hammers as well as crowbars to remove the wall decors. Moreover, see if there are electrical outlets behind the wall and call an electrician if required.

Remove the Drywall

Use safety goggles, as well as gloves just as you demolish the drywall. While you remove the drywall in the bedroom, look for utility items behind the existing wall. The preparations would ensure that you could use the hammer as well as claws and pry bars to take out the drywall.

Remove Plastering

Plastering is an old-school type of wall construction, unlike the drywall. Wall plastering in small prefab homes has metal lathing or wooden lathing and is hard, therefore. Use the hacksaw blade to demolish plaster, ripping through metal lathe, and pay heed not to dwell deep and damage the utility lines behind the plastered wall.