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Things you Should Know about Size Limitations of Prefab Homes Construction

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You might be familiar with the fact that manufacture of most prefab homes happens within climate controlled factories. These factory-built structures are then transported to the building site of the homeowner for installation. This implies that prefab homes may face certain size limitations, as they need to be transported from production to the installation site.

Most of these size limitations are based on federal and state highway regulations. When we talk about size limitations, we are actually talking about the size limitations of the individual modules of prefab homes, meaning that your prefab home has no size limitations but the individual modules do.

You can even build a prefab home with 20 bedrooms but for this, you will need to transport more modules from the factory to your building site. However, many prefab homeowners wonder “If a finished modular home can be of any size why should I care?” This is crucial because each extra module adds cost and time to your construction project.

If you are home has additional modules, then it will significantly increase the transportation cost and will also increase the amount of work the crane will have to do. In addition, it also means that your local homebuilder will have to deal with more connections and marriage walls. So, try to keep the number of modules to a minimum level.

Module Width

The width of the modules usually ranges between 10 and 15 feet. However, it will depend on other factors such as the condition of the roadway to your building site and the variance allowed by the local state transportation board. If your modular homebuilder does not have a production jig to build the desired number of modules for your home, then it may lead to extra costs.

Module Length

The length of the modules will depend on the number of turns that are on the route to your plot. Most of the professional transporters are capable of handling a 60-foot long module but it will be physically impossible to turn a module that has a length of 80 foot.

Module Height

The height of the modules is dependent on the highway overpasses. The interstate highway overpasses in most urban areas usually have a 14-foot clearance. This means that the modules of the prefab home should be under 14 feet when it sits on a flatbed trailer.