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Tips for Restyling the Bathroom in Prefab Homes

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Restyling Prefab Homes Bathroom

You do not have to hire contractors, spend a fortune, and undertake a bathroom renovation process to bring a fresh and attractive look to the bathroom of your prefab house. Making a few small-scale changes in the bathroom of your house is enough to transform the space but several modular homeowners fail to realize this.

If you have no idea on how to transform the bathroom of your prefab home without spending too much money, then the below-listed tips might help you achieve the task with ease.

Accent Wall

Apply a new attractive paint on one of the walls of your bathroom and add a texture to it. If you are after a more modern look, it is best to use elegant tiles. You can try this for your bathtub also by using faux rock pattern, as they easily bring an illusion of a stone tub.


Clear up the clutter in your prefab home and place a few attractive woven baskets within the bathroom. You could also use wine crates to bring a touch of rustic charm to your bathroom. You could also use the baskets for storing you soaps and fancy guest towels to create a striking impression to guests.


Replace the older shower curtains, rings, and rods in the bathroom of your home with newer ones that perfectly match with the color scheme of your bathroom. You should also consider about swapping the bath mat, trashcan, soap dispenser, and other toiletries to bring a fresh look to your kitchen.


Upgrading the faucet of your bathroom is another simple and inexpensive way to transform the space without remodeling. Most people who own prefab homes stated that upgrading the faucet and painting them made their bathroom look a lot more stunning. In addition to that, replacing the old faucet in your bathroom with a new low flow type will also help you to save water and cut short your utility bills.


Painting the floors of modern prefab homes is actually a fairly easy task and you can do it on your own. This will enable you to design the floors as you wish. However, you could also place a floating floor and place it above your old floor, which implies that you will not have to rip or remove anything.