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Using Recycled Materials for Prefab Homes

Prefab Homes
Using Recycled Materials

The recycled materials may be used as an alternative to standard materials on the prefab homes. Some home renovators use organic material instead of inorganic components just to add to the “green” part of prefab housing. Below are some examples of recycled materials used in different parts of a module.

On the Decks

Salvaged wood or wood resin can be blended with foam plastic on the prefab home deck. This type of landscape pays off despite being an elementary composite deck. Prefab home manufacturers insulate and change the colors on landscaped decks as a standard.

Fencing Prefab Homes

Rubber is one of the less popular materials used as an alternative to the fenced rock. In fact, a bagful of rubber mulch is termed expensive when compared to the wooden mulch. However, using recycled mulch might seem less fancy than inorganic rubber on the fence.

Recycled Patio Door

Paved stones and bricks are available aplenty on salvage yards that exist underneath old basements. Recycled paved stone give a mosaic-like feel outside the patio door. Salvage yards offer the old paved stone to patio doors on the prefabricated houses.

Recycled Shelves

Carpenters tend to retain possession of the salvaged wood. Prefab home manufacturers use resins on such wood and turn them into organic. The recycled wood can replace shelves, tables or wooden adobes on prefabricated houses.

Kitchen Countertops

Recycled paper on countertops is a classic way to remodel the modular home kitchen. They are durable, yet less costly when compared to granite or marble even though the external appeal differs.

Recycled on Doorways

Sometimes, the salvaged wood is recycled and turned to drop-in doors. The hinges and knobs can be loosened from the old doors and fastened on the newer ones. The doorway is usually an arch-like entrance on the front side of the prefab homes.

Structured Insulated Panels

SIPs are modern, organic, and used as recycled modules on prefab homes. These panels use polyurethane alongside the foam plastic. The oriented strand board is also sandwiched in between Structured Insulated Panels so it helps to keep moisture at bay in old prefabricated houses.