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3 Factors to Consider before Buying Land for Prefab Homes

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If you are planning to buy prefab homes and have already chosen the style, design, and all other aspects, then you will be probably searching for a permanent place for setting up your prefabricated home. One of the major advantages of being a prefab homeowner is that you can shift the house from one location to another. However, many prefab housing structure owners prefer not to move their house, which means that they will be residing in the same location for the rest of their lives. So, if you are planning to permanently affix your prefab home on a site, then finding an appropriate location is crucial.

You should initially consult with a real estate agent and tell them what type of land you want and what locations do you prefer. This will help them to find an appropriate site for your new prefabricated home. Real estate agents advise prefab homeowners to look for a vacant plot of land in a modular home neighborhood or community because it will significantly boost the resale value of your factory build home.

However, the first and most important thing to consider while shopping for a land for your modular home is to ensure whether the land is zoned for this type of prefab housing structure. In addition to that, you should also check whether there are any zoning ordinances or bylaws in the land, which prohibits the erection of prefabricated homes.

The skill and expertise of an experienced real estate agent will certainly come in handy during the above-mentioned situations. Here are a few factors you should note before buying a land for your prefab home.

Where do you Want to Live?

If you like the community aspect of a modular home park and if you want to boost the resale value of your prefab home, then it is wiser to buy a portion of land in a modular home community.

How Much Land do you Need?

If you are planning to buy a land for a regular living, then a plot of vacant land in a residential neighborhood or a piece of land in a modular home community will do the job for you. However, if you are planning to set up a small business like an auto garage, then you will need a bigger portion of land.

Take Cues from Other Modular Homeowners

If you really like to set up your prefabricated home in a specific neighborhood, then drive around it and find whether there are any other prefab homes or not. If there are prefab homes in the neighborhood, then your home will not look odd.