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Common Warranty Services for Prefab Housing

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Prefab Housing Warranty

Virtually, all new homes will need a warranty service work at one point or the other. The imperfection of the workers or materials will make the need for warranty service work. The countless different materials that are used to make the house may not always respond the way as they were designed and may lead to undesirable results at times.

Warranty Service on Setup

When you buy a new prefab housing structure, you will expect it to be delivered without any mistakes, damages, or defect, which is quite natural. If you find that there are any issues, you will expect the modular home manufacturer to repair the damages or replace them. It is obvious that you will expect the manufacturer to repair the damages free of cost, but the manufacturers also have some expectations of their own.

Modular home manufacturers will accept responsibility for damages and issues that are found when the home arrives. However, the manufacturers expect your home dealer and your general contractor to accept responsibility for those damages that are incurred after the delivery of the home to the site.

Warranty Service on Button Up

Once the general contractor starts the button up of your new prefab housing structure, it is their responsibility to inform your home dealer about any defective, missing, poorly installed, or damaged material, which was not identified in the inspection performed earlier. The home dealer will then notify the modular home manufacturer to take the necessary corrective steps.

However, you should not allow your general contractor to take the counteractive steps unless you hear from your dealer. The manufacturer and dealer are unlikely to reimburse you if the general contractor does the corrective repair steps unauthorized by them.

These are some of the common warranty services that may arise during the setup and button up of your new prefab housing structure. You should do a walk through inspection of the set and buttoned up prefab home before making the final payment to the general contractor and moving into the home. This will help you to ensure that all the repair works of the home are complete and finished. You may also point out the items that need correction or additional work during the walk through inspection.