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Few Things to Include in your Prefab Housing Contract

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Prefab Housing Contract

The first and most important thing to do after finding a prefab home dealer with a project estimate is to create a proper contact. You should make sure that the formal contract is fully detailed and accurate before you sign it. So, ask your home builder to include all the necessary details including the small ones.

If you want to include any upgrades or any other extras to your prefab home, then you should also enter it in the contract. If you fail to state all of your demands and wishes in your contract clearly, then the homebuilder may forget to add them to your prefab housing structure. Below are a few things that you must include in your prefab home contract.

Payment Schedule

Building prefab homes for you and your family to live in is actually a big project and you will have to spend a quality amount of your savings in that. You will be probably paying money to your homebuilder on a specific schedule. If so, make sure that the form of payment is included in the contract, as it will help you to avoid any misunderstandings with your homebuilder.

Change Policy

It is true that most home building projects undergo minute or major changes during the construction process. So, make sure to clearly define the change order policy in your prefab home contract. If you don’t do this, then you will not be able to make changes while building your home.

Cost Increases

The cost of construction materials varies or fluctuates over time. This means that if the cost of these materials kept on increasing during the construction process, then you might be held accountable. So, make sure to include the cost increases that you are liable for and under what circumstances in your contract.


The construction of most prefab homes gets completed within the desired deadline. However, you should learn what happens when the construction is delayed. Stating the penalties for construction delays caused by homebuilder will certainly come in handy when a delay happens.


The construction contract for your prefabricated home should also include things such as who needs to insure the housing structure during the building process. This will give you an idea on when you should pay insurance and when you shouldn’t.