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Tips for Maximizing Energy Efficiency in Green Prefab Homes

Prefab Housing
Green Prefab Homes

Prefabricated homes have become immensely popular nowadays among buyers for their housing needs. They are generally an inexpensive option to conventional homes and are assembled in the controlled environments of a factory.

The new growing trend of environmental consciousness and sustainability has been a great boon for the prefab housing industry. This has resulted in a renewed demand for a new type of housing and the many benefits offered by prefabs have made them well suited for the purpose.

Prefab homes remain an affordable alternative in minimizing the wastes and expenditure than conventional homes. However, when considering a prefab green home, there are many factors that will ensure the most out of it. The few tips shared here will be highly beneficial for homeowners in extracting the maximum eco-friendly measures and efficiency from their prefab homes.

Insulated Walls

Externally insulated walls are present in most prefab homes for basic energy efficiency in the overall structure. They are, however, limited in offering the perfect environmental friendly feature that is required for a true prefab green home. Providing insulation with the standard variants of an R19 rating is a better option, as its extra layers of insulation will aid in perfect sealing.

Applying the insulations to the interiors also is another ideal way to minimize the energy consumption. Such insulations will aid in preventing heat dissipation through the walls and towards the adjacent rooms as well.

Double Paned Windows

Double paned windows are the standard fittings in most prefabricated home. As about 20 percent of energy is wasted through the windows, double paned windows will minimize the losses due to its neutral inner space between the two panes that prevents heat exchange. When considering for a prefab green home, always ensure the availability of energy efficient windows as an option.

Smart Wiring

Smart wiring is a mix of many automatic features into the home like motion sensors, thermostats, etc. The presence of such motion sensors will enable the automatic control of the electrical appliances. Thermostats, on the other hand, can regulate the heating and cooling inside the home according to our needs. Smart wiring will significantly lower the energy consumed, which has benefits for the homeowner in decreasing the energy bills.

Energy Star Appliances

In your green prefab home, rely on appliances that have certified energy star ratings, as they have lesser power consumption. This is particularly applicable for high electricity consuming appliances like water heaters, dishwasher, stove, and computers.