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Small Prefab Homes
Finding Right Modular Home

The process of searching a good modular home is an overwhelming task for many potential buyers. Small prefab homes have numerous benefits and practicality that have made them highly popular among many. This, in turn, has contributed to their rising demand in the current housing industry. In fact, the factory-built nature of modular homes has made them move-in ready for accommodation in a couple of weeks.

In the process of looking for a modular home, you should be well aware of needs and requirements. This will help you make the best choices in finding the modular home that correctly suits all your needs. Below are some helpful tips for finding the right modular home for sale.


When looking for modular homes for sale, it is imperative that you should carry out a thorough research in regards of the same. This is especially important since it enables you to know more about the pricing of different modular homes and the various hidden costs that lie in the buying process.

Pricing of modular homes is carried out by measuring the square foot. Besides that, you should look into several other important factors that determine the pricing like the location and size of the lot, electrical and telephone connectivity, plumbing lines and ducts, porches, garages and decks, etc. This will enable you to understand all the extra costs required, which is helpful when sticking with a budget.

Land Standards

Before choosing the land for your modular home, make sure that it is up to the right standards. Knowing about the various standards of the land along with the codes, zoning laws, and other regulations is important when placing the home on the property. Avoid package deals, since they come with high-interest rates and numerous other hidden charges.

Reputed Firm

In the process of buying a modular home, make sure that the company from which you are buying is trustworthy. Doing a proper research on the quality and legitimacy of the company is especially important. To aid in this, you can refer to the Better Business Bureau or contact the current clients of the company to know more about the quality and service offered by the firm.

Permanent Foundation

When searching for a modular home for sale, make sure that it is built on a permanent foundation. This is because mortgage lenders will decline to finance if the home is not built on a solid foundation. Ask specifically about the foundation with the manufacturer that you have selected.