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Challenges in Building Retreat Prefabs on a Slope and Planning the Anchoring

Plenty of factors are considered when building a prefab housing remotely or in cities, the topography of land being the main factor. Sloping land offers a way to build the prefab modular home in a top location and lead campy lives somewhere. The sloping block is not without its challenges though, but when general contractors anchor the home planned on slopes, it would give the best way to live a relaxed life. People are skeptic about the topography in hilltops and mountains, and sometimes even the countryside or the sea. However, that skepticism is not often warranted in prefab housing […]

Things you Should Know about Size Limitations of Prefab Homes Construction

You might be familiar with the fact that manufacture of most prefab homes happens within climate controlled factories. These factory-built structures are then transported to the building site of the homeowner for installation. This implies that prefab homes may face certain size limitations, as they need to be transported from production to the installation site. Most of these size limitations are based on federal and state highway regulations. When we talk about size limitations, we are actually talking about the size limitations of the individual modules of prefab homes, meaning that your prefab home has no size limitations but the […]

Design Options to Consider for your Prefab Home

One of the many benefits of prefabricated homes is the increasing level of customization that it offers for the homeowner. They are easier to construct with lesser costs and includes many options for any future large or small scale remodeling works. Design flexibility is one such valuable benefit of owning a prefabricated home. There are many ways in extending the design allocations for all the individual spaces in prefabs. Utilizing these design possibilities will add to the overall look and living experience offered by your prefab home. The following are some design suggestion that you can implement in your home. […]