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Tips for Restyling the Bathroom in Prefab Homes

You do not have to hire contractors, spend a fortune, and undertake a bathroom renovation process to bring a fresh and attractive look to the bathroom of your prefab house. Making a few small-scale changes in the bathroom of your house is enough to transform the space but several modular homeowners fail to realize this. If you have no idea on how to transform the bathroom of your prefab home without spending too much money, then the below-listed tips might help you achieve the task with ease. Accent Wall Apply a new attractive paint on one of the walls of […]

Three Popular Specifications in Colonial-Style Prefab Housing

The raised ranch prefabs featuring a patio door up-front are common in America. The modular home manufacturers in America demo ranch-style homes having a basement elevated fully or partly off the ground. Meanwhile, it is often the general contractor who buttons up a ranch-style prefab in the homeowners’ property with a split-entrance right at the threshold of the patio. Below three home specifications are generally used by American builders dealing in this type of prefab housing. Ranches are Colonial Styles In traditional prefab housing, raised-ranch prefabs have an elevation of up to four inches off the ground and a wooden […]

Finding the Right Location to Build your Prefab Home

It is very important to have a good idea about prefab homes before trying to undertake the building and construction of your prefab home. The best part here is that the process is not much different from the construction of conventional homes, but it is a lot faster. Prefab home construction is accepted as a quality method of home building, but buying the wrong land can add hundreds and thousands of dollars to the total cost of construction. Below are a few things, which you need to consider while looking for the land to build your prefab home. Building Restrictions […]