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3 Factors to Consider before Buying Land for Prefab Homes

If you are planning to buy prefab homes and have already chosen the style, design, and all other aspects, then you will be probably searching for a permanent place for setting up your prefabricated home. One of the major advantages of being a prefab homeowner is that you can shift the house from one location to another. However, many prefab housing structure owners prefer not to move their house, which means that they will be residing in the same location for the rest of their lives. So, if you are planning to permanently affix your prefab home on a site, […]

Types of Prefab Homes

Do not let the term prefab home scare you, as modern prefab homes are fabulous and comfortable. Not only these homes offer the buyer energy efficient options, but they are also affordable than the traditional site-built homes. It is true that the total cost of construction of a prefab home will differ based on its size, location, and amenities, but you can expect charges between 180 and 220 dollars per square feet. Usually, this amount includes the interior fixtures and amenities of the home. There are different types of prefab homes based on design and construction. The different types of […]