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Conditions for Adding Second Story to a Prefab Home

Prefab homes for sale include single story, two-story, as well as doublewide home styles. The general contractors would turn a single-story prefab into a two-story by taking off the upstairs roof and replacing it with a new story featuring in-built roof. However, you would keep the unit as the same in a two-story prefab than in a doublewide when you add a story. The prefab building speed in a climate-controlled factory not only facilitates renovation but also necessitate the need for licensed contractors in prefab housing. Below are three conditions to be met in an extra story addition. Meeting Structural […]

Ceiling Panels to Consider for Prefab Homes

Proper maintenance and care of prefabricated homes is essential to extend the many benefits offered by them. Parts like the ceiling may need upgrading, repairs, or replacements to ensure its structural reliability. In such a scenario, it is crucial for the homeowner to know about the various prefabricated home ceiling panels available. For prefab homes, the common ceiling panels available in the market include fiberboard, ceiling tiles, and gypsum board. There are many advantages and disadvantages for each of these ceiling panels depending upon the price, availability, installation procedure, and cost. Fiberboard Ceiling Panels For prefab home ceilings, fiberboard remains […]