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Space Saving Design Tips for Small Prefab Homes

Small prefab homes are known for their compact living spaces with excellent functionality. Its compact nature is supplemented with enhanced living experience and is the perfect dwelling spaces for those who seek minimal designs and less maintenance. However, this compact living space of small prefab homes offers immense possibilities in design. Moreover, such designing of smaller spaces have become the new trend in interior designing. The addition of such design tricks can certainly enhance the available spaces in the home. Using such design strategies is most suited for prefab homes for sale. Moreover, implementing such design into all the major […]

Important Steps to Consider Before Using Prefab Home Designs

Prefab housing remains the best alternative option for living among many homeowners. Most of them go for the prefab housing option due to the large-scale customizations offered by such homes. This beneficial feature is highly limited in conventional site built homes. Moreover, the factory built construction of small prefab homes ensures that they have excellent quality standards along with significant reductions in the energy consumed. The availability of a wide range of prefab home designs makes it easy for the buyer in selecting the right one according to their needs. It also provides the homeowner with customizing the home according […]

Things you Should Know about Size Limitations of Prefab Homes Construction

You might be familiar with the fact that manufacture of most prefab homes happens within climate controlled factories. These factory-built structures are then transported to the building site of the homeowner for installation. This implies that prefab homes may face certain size limitations, as they need to be transported from production to the installation site. Most of these size limitations are based on federal and state highway regulations. When we talk about size limitations, we are actually talking about the size limitations of the individual modules of prefab homes, meaning that your prefab home has no size limitations but the […]

Design Options to Consider for your Prefab Home

One of the many benefits of prefabricated homes is the increasing level of customization that it offers for the homeowner. They are easier to construct with lesser costs and includes many options for any future large or small scale remodeling works. Design flexibility is one such valuable benefit of owning a prefabricated home. There are many ways in extending the design allocations for all the individual spaces in prefabs. Utilizing these design possibilities will add to the overall look and living experience offered by your prefab home. The following are some design suggestion that you can implement in your home. […]

How to Have a Beautiful Exterior for your Prefab Home

Living in a modular or mobile home is the latest trend that has grown immensely popular all over the world. If you are living in a prefab home, the tips that are shared below will help you have a beautiful exterior for your new home. Build a Front Porch Having a front porch will surely change the overall look of your prefab home. Some of the home styles, especially the colonial ones will look incomplete without a front porch. Adding a porch to your prefab will offer an inviting feel to the home, besides adding more living space to it. […]