Prefab Housing

Affordable Mobile Homes

Financing your Prefab Home

Many prefab homebuyers have a misconception that prefab homes are a new housing concept. In reality, prefab homes have been around us in some form for more than a few decades. However, it is true that they grew immensely popular over the last ten years or so. If the immense popularity and convenience offered by prefab homes are urging you to build a new prefab housing structure, then you will initially need to know how to finance your prefab home. Most banks and lending organizations generally issue a loan, which goes through two stages when you are financing prefab homes. […]

Design Options to Consider for your Prefab Home

One of the many benefits of prefabricated homes is the increasing level of customization that it offers for the homeowner. They are easier to construct with lesser costs and includes many options for any future large or small scale remodeling works. Design flexibility is one such valuable benefit of owning a prefabricated home. There are many ways in extending the design allocations for all the individual spaces in prefabs. Utilizing these design possibilities will add to the overall look and living experience offered by your prefab home. The following are some design suggestion that you can implement in your home. […]

How to Have a Beautiful Exterior for your Prefab Home

Living in a modular or mobile home is the latest trend that has grown immensely popular all over the world. If you are living in a prefab home, the tips that are shared below will help you have a beautiful exterior for your new home. Build a Front Porch Having a front porch will surely change the overall look of your prefab home. Some of the home styles, especially the colonial ones will look incomplete without a front porch. Adding a porch to your prefab will offer an inviting feel to the home, besides adding more living space to it. […]